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Vegan Wines Canada

Wine is essentially created by fermenting grapes and, perhaps, adding a bit of yeast to enhance the process and convert naturally-occurring sugars into alcohol. So, one would assume that all wines can be classed as vegan. Vegetarian, yes but vegan? Not necessarily.

As wine ferments naturally, the grapes break down into tiny particles including proteins, tartrates, tannins and phenolic that can give the wine a cloudy or hazy appearance. But most wine drinkers prefer a bright, clear wine in the glass. To achieve this clarity, winemakers use a process called ‘fining’ to filter out these tiny molecules and even though there are no lasting additives in the wine, some winemakers will use natural products such as gelatin in the fining process. The best vegan wine uses only vegan-friendly fining products or forgoes this process entirely.

Vegan Wine Online

Customers can now buy vegan wine online with convenient ship-to-home delivery from some of Ontario’s leading wineries such as:

  • Ravine Vineyard: This winery is surrounded by 34 acres of organic vineyards, it is a fifth-generation family farm located in St. David’s Ontario, near Niagara-on-the-Lake. With Ravine’s selection of red and white vegan wines we have prepared our very own Vegan Box Sampler Trio that takes the guesswork out of finding great wines that will not compromise vegan ingredient or production standards.

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