The Stocked Cellars story

Do you believe Canadians have been deprived of independent, locally focused wines and ciders for too long? I’ve thought that for far too long, Canadians had been denied independent, locally focused bottles, and we just wanted to do something extraordinary for beverage lovers and producers. Pour yourself a big glass of something tasty and settle in-

Diane was excited to strengthen the presence of VQA small-batch wineries and cideries to all Canadians and share her recommendation. Bailey was a business, sales, and marketing graduate who wanted to help his mom create an online niche presence that helps boutique producers connect with consumers looking for new and exciting beverages.

The Stocked Cellars story

We shared a belief to make all Canadian demographics aware of their wine and cider choices, and in the spring of 2017, no doubt after a few vinos, we decided to start a business together. The following spring, Stocked Cellars was born.

It’s all about sharing good beverages, having fun, and keeping it local.

Wine and cider producers were excited to have their beverages in front of the Stocked Cellars Community, and we wish to assist the makers in sustaining and growing their businesses to keep making good wines and ciders.

With the LCBO focusing more and more on importing wines, we’re facing the future decline of good wines with provenance, character and stories.

Real wine means many people won’t be able to experience good wine, and many great producers will go out of business. This is not what the drinkers want, it’s not what the makers want, and we, at Stocked Cellars, don’t intend to let that happen.

The Stocked Cellars story

Have you ever walked into an LCBO store and felt lost, unsure whom to talk to for the best wine recommendations? I feel that I have started a great wine adventure and made terrific friends with some of Canada’s producers and wine personalities.

I enjoy travelling and have had the opportunity to work as a Flight Attendant for the last few years internationally. The experience of helping others that may be anxious or first-time flyers fit my character so well as I love to serve others.

The Stocked Cellars story

You won’t find anything mass-produced here. I’m about the local guys, the stories behind the beverages, the terroirs and the towns.

After all, that is what distinguishes exceptional beverages from ordinary beverages. It’s the details, the passion, and the people that make the difference.

My must-have wine from the SC portfolio is, and I have not one but two bottles that are my must-have pours.

The first is the 2020 Pinot Noir from Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery. It is produced by a charming family for the last 30 years they have been committed to growing world-class premium VQA grapes along the shores of Lake Erie in the bountiful  EPIC wine region. Expect dark cherry fruit coupled with a hint of vanilla and earth graces the senses. The deep colour and forward tannins amplify the rich body in this modestly oak-aged Pinot Noir. It’s an absolute gem of wine from a great family.

The second would be the 2018 Oak Aged Chardonnay by Kacaba Vineyards & Winery. It’s a premium small-batch winery located on the prime benchland of The Niagara Escarpment in Vineland, Ontario, creating world-class wines. Why do I love this wine? It is a bright and cheery creamy aroma of sweet golden apple, white peach, biscotti and toasted oak.  It mixes the best of the smooth and buttery barrel with the fresh fruit and sharp Chardonnay grape’s backbone. The finish is gentle and warm, with hints of luscious, concentrated apple, pear and melon flavours. There’s heaps of complexity there.

I’m a bit of a grazer, so when I’m home with friends and family, a Charcuterie with my go-to Pinot Noir, and when planning a dinner party, a pastry-crusted cod dish with my go-to Oak Aged Chardonnay.

Thank you so much for reading. You must be thirsty. Here are a few more smash-able selections yet.

Speaking with a charming purity and a feeling of location, this light-bodied Gamay hovers between earthy and sweet dark cherry fruit flavours. Throughout, there are hints of black pepper and forward tannins amplifying the rich body of this modestly oak-aged Gamay. If you could taste magic, this is it!

For those celebrating their love for wine by the case, 2016 provided close to perfect conditions for wine grapes and has produced some excellent wines from Ontario. Ripe Niagara Chardonnay has plenty of intrinsic aromatics and a natural mouth-filling texture. This 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay is true to Canada’s cool climate roots with vibrant freshness and crisp acidity, big, bold fruit and delicately balanced.

Remember, have fun!

After all, it is wine, and if you’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right.