Pinot Noir

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Pinot Noir is the winemaker’s heartbreaker grape. Finicky, fragile, challenging to grow, Pinot Noir is extremely prone to dying from late spring frosts, disease, and becoming overripe. An elegant wine with a sophistication that can reach maturity in small oak barrels; it is one of the classic grapes used to make sparkling wines in Ontario.

Pinot Noir creates a more delicate, nuanced style of wine than other more full-bodied reds. It has elegance, finesse and complex characteristics. It tends to be more-ruby in colour and can show considerably less colour intensity in the glass. You can expect a Pinot Noir to be dry, medium-bodied, and silky, with moderate acidity and soft tannins. Pinot Noir is not a wine to be underrated, so get cozy with Pinot Noir wine online.