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Today you can purchase anything from organic clothes to organic probiotics. It makes sense that wine consumers are now opting for organic wine. So what is the difference between organic and inorganic wines?

Organic wine is made with organic grapes and they cannot have any sulphur added during the winemaking process.

Our page of Low Sulphate Wine explains all the details of sulphur and wine production, but what you really need to know is that sulphur dioxide (SO2) serves as a preservative against oxidation and is used, even at low levels, in the vast majority of wines. 

Organic wines are more complex to make shelf-stable and can look a little funkier than most wine drinkers want. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck drinking traditional wines that may have seen chemicals like fungicides and pesticides in the vineyard. The magic words indicating organic wines are “wine made from organic grapes.” So, get cozy and enjoy Organic Ontario wine.