Low Sulphite

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Have you ever seen “Contains Sulphites” on the back of a wine bottle? If you have and wondered what it means, we’re here to explain what sulphites are and how they affect your wine. Sulphites are a naturally occurring by-product of the wine fermentation process and appear in very low quantities.

The average wine drinker is interested in the addition of sulphur dioxide (SO2), which acts as an antibacterial element that protects wine from spoilage by oxidation. This phenomenon leads to the browning of the wine and a loss of flavours. They may have been added to the vineyards during harvest or the winemaking process.

Sulphur dioxide is entirely safe for consumption, however, some winemakers are rethinking their use of sulphur additions during the winemaking process. While some addition is generally considered necessary as a preservative against oxidation, more natural winemaking methods are seen as optimal. Many producers have curtailed the excessive use of sulphites to offer low sulphur wine opinions.