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Versatile, refreshing and oh-so-pretty, Rosé wine has earned its rightful place alongside whites and reds in the cellars of Ontario wine drinkers. Those who buy Rosé wine describe notes of cherry, juicy berries, peach and even citrusy mandarin.

The charming rose hue is created by juicing red grapes and leaving the skins in the juice for two or three days. Once those beautiful pink or peachy tones set in, the winemaker removes the skins and continues fermentation.

Buy Rosé Wine for Any Occasion

Rosé often makes a solo appearance as an aperitif or nicely chilled on a sunny patio, but it is also excellent when paired with an array of foods:

  • grilled spring vegetables
  • crisp green salads
  • spicy curries
  • sushi and sashimi
  • lobster tails and crab cakes
  • fruit salads

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