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The effervescence of a fabulous sparkling wine brings an undeniable sense of celebration to virtually any gathering or event. The pop of the cork and that magnificent wave of bubbles has become the universal symbol of “Let’s get this party started!”

The sparkling wine Canada winemakers produce is similar to those created in other areas of the world. What sets each apart is not how they are made, but where they are produced, and this distinction is sometimes shown in the name of the finished product. For example, a sparkling wine can only be called “Champagne” if it is produced in the Champagne district of France.

There are six major methods used to produce sparkling wines. Several of these methods can be used to create the sparkling wine Ontario customers enjoy, and incorporate a dual-fermentation process that causes natural carbonation and creates that delightful ‘bubbly’.

When you buy sparkling wine online it helps to understand the unique characteristics of the different varieties:

  • Konzelmann Estate Winery Methode Cuve Close Riesling: Enjoy this crisp, crowd-pleasing sparkling wine with any occasion or celebration. Made from Riesling grapes, it is an excellent aperitif that releases slight floral aromas, along with mineral and citrus. An effervescent tartness and a refreshing lemon/lime zest complement the well-balanced play between cleansing acidity and mild sweetness
  • Konzelmann Estate Winery Methode Cuve Close Rosé: The dynamic aroma of this Sparkling Rosé is initially a robust, toasted wallop, but quickly develops into a more delicate strawberry scent. Tart flavors of black cherry and raspberry nicely balance the wine’s mild sweetness and are punctuated by generous waves of carbonated bubbles.
  • London Born Wine Co. 2017 Sparkling Rosé: Made from Gamay Noir grapes in the Charmat method. Salmon Pink in colour, this crisp, refreshing wine can be enjoyed for any occasion and is available with sparkling wine delivery Toronto and across Ontario.
  • Marynissen Estates 2019 Heritage Collection Charmed: It’s bright with zesty notes of lemon, peach, and apple on the nose with lemon-lime and peach on the palate and a touch of sweetness on the finish and made in the Charmat style.
  • Ravine Vineyard N/V Brut: The fruit from this wine was hand-picked and sorted from the Niagara Peninsula and created using the traditional Champagne method. This wine was bottle fermented and aged in the same bottle on lees.
  • Windswept Orchard Cider: The single-variety dry sparkling cider is crafted with Golden Russet apples from a single orchard in Clarksburg, ON. It is a golden straw colour, with warm toasty apple notes with hints of the tropics. Expect a lovely lingering finish—bottle conditioned natural bubbles.

Order sparkling wine online today and bring a touch of glamour and excitement to your next gathering.

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