Wines to Have on Valentine’s Day

By Stocked Cellars on Jan 25, 2022

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When celebrating Valentine’s Day, nothing can be more romantic than a candlelight dinner with your other half. Of course, you can choose to spend your time some other way, but the intimacy that a tasty meal in a cozy setting offers none another can. And when discussing having dinner on Valentine’s Day, sipping on delectable wine is a must- it’s almost like an unspoken rule. No Valentine’s Day dinner is complete without flavoursome VQA Ontario wine to wash it down.

That said, selecting the perfect variety of bubbly beverages for the day of love can be tricky (especially when you don’t have a sommelier at your service), thanks to the vast range of options. Keeping that in mind, we decided to give you top wines to match the mood on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner at home with the following decadent wines.

Casual Date Night – Pinot Noir

Dark cherry fruit, and hints of vanilla with earth grace the senses; it is the perfect red for a casual date night at home on Valentine’s Day. Its light texture and smooth finish work well with most meaty dishes. The best thing about Pinot Noir is that it doesn’t overwhelm the taste; buds-meaning you can fully enjoy your dinner without the wine tastes taking over your palate.

Romantic Evenings – Merlot

Romantic evenings call for an aromatic beverage full of rich flavour, which Merlot brings to the table. Simply put, this radiant red wine will set the mood for your romantic Valentine’s Day evening, such as this mature red with a hint of summer flavours.

Special Occasion – Sparkling

Suppose you plan to do something special this coming V-Day (like *cough* popping the question *cough*), you need a sparkly drink to enliven your surroundings, and a bottle of Sparkling will do just that for you. Pour this lively effervescence and silky textured bubbly to make your special Valentine’s Day more memorable.

Steak Dinner – Cabernet Sauvignon

To match the splendour of a steak dinner, drinking a delectable Cabernet Sauvignon is the way to go. The mouthfeel is polished and round with soft extracted tannins and a lovely balance of acidity and alcohol—an elegant representation of Cabernet’s classic cool climate to enjoy a Valentine’s. Roasted red bell pepper” notes hidden under all the fruit and spice add a touch of cool climate elegance. On the palate, you can taste dark chocolate and blueberry pie.

Vegetarians – Gewürztraminer

Are you looking for a white for your vegetarian food preferences? Well, look no more because we have a match made in heaven for you, Gewurztraminer. Its dominant fruitiness and slight gingery bitterness offer an all-natural blend for vegetarians out there.

Spare No Expense – Cabernet Franc Reserve – 150th Commemorative Magnum.

Want to go all out with your wine choice on Valentine’s Day? Then pick up this Cabernet Franc without a second thought. This great beverage will take you to your happy place with its dominant fruity notes and subtle earthy flavour hints.

Easy Night – Rose

For an easy Valentine’s Day night where it’s just you and your partner in your PJs lounging on the sofa, this Rose should be the choice for you.

Oaky Taste – Oak Aged Chardonnay

Many people like to taste oaky-ness in their wine; if you are one of those, you should give this oak-aged chardonnay a shot. Its citrusy richness will hit home for you.

Chocolate Lovers – Heritage Collection Nanny’s Blend

Chocolate is a universal aphrodisiac, so how can it not be present when celebrating Valentine’s Day? We have a spot-on combination of chocolate and red for you to make matters more straightforward for you; Heritage Collection Nanny’s Blend. Enjoy the juicy flavours of blackberries and blueberry jam mixed with smoky cedar notes and satisfy both the wine and chocolate aficionado in you.

Charcuterie – Carbernet-Syrah

If your Valentine’s Day celebrations involve a platter of cold-cooked meats, then you should grab a bottle of Cabernet-Syrah. The vibrant berry nose, with hints of licorice and spices and a palate, with rich layers of ripe plum and red berries, will leave you delighted.

You don’t need to go out to have the right wine with your meal on Valentine’s Day; with our guide, you can do that at home without trouble!

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