Table Grapes vs. Wine Grapes: What’s The Difference?

By Stocked Cellars on Nov 2, 2022

Have you always thought table and wine grapes were one and the same?

I didn’t become acquainted with wine grapes until I was 40, or was it earlier… Previously, table grapes were the only grapes that came in hot.

In response to being stepped on, what did the grape say?

She let out a little wine.

We automatically assume that all grapes must be sweet soft, round juicy edible goodness when thinking of grapes. However, that’s not always the case! If you put a wine grape in your mouth, the flavour that hits you will be nothing like those plump table grapes you love to gobble down. 

Wine and table grapes are different in taste and texture despite having the same last name and similar appearance.

Here is an in-depth comparison to help you understand the difference between the two fruit varieties, just in case you’re ever caught in a trivia game without an answer!

Wine Grapes and Table Grapes

As the name gives away, wine grapes are fruit grown to make wine. Wine grapes are grown by farmers for use in winemaking. On the other hand, table grapes are those plump fruits you see sitting on the shelf in a grocery store.


While both grapes are round, their size varies significantly. Table grapes are typically large, whereas wine grapes are much smaller, making their juice more concentrated and giving a wine aroma and flavour.


Wine grapes have thick skin as it contains most of the flavour that goes into the wine. If you bite into a wine grape, you’ll get a tough exterior that is quite off-putting and not enjoyable. And as everyone knows, table grapes are smooth with soft skin that’s easy to tear through.


Grapes found in homes sitting on the table are usually seedless. And if they ever have seed, it’s too small- almost unnoticeable. However, wine grapes have a large seed that takes up most of the space inside the fruit.


As strange as it may sound, table grapes have lower sugar content than wine grapes, but there is a rationale. Because wine grapes are so small, their juice is naturally more concentrated and holds higher sugar content, resulting in more flavorful wines.


The difference between the yield sizes of the two grapes is pretty substantial. Wine grapes’ per-vine yield is much higher than that of table grapes. So naturally, table grapes are much cheaper, while wines are expensive.

And there you go, these were all the differences between table grapes and wine grapes.

Although eating wine grapes from the vine might bitterly surprise your taste buds, it’s recommended to keep your hands from plucking a wine grape to pop into your mouth.

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