Organic Vegan Box Sampler Trio


Are you feeling a little hesitant about ‘wine-binging’?

The incredible Organic Vegan Box Sampler Trio is only $108, plus shipping. The sampler includes three bottles of fantastic hand-selected vegan wines, mainly featuring a mix of red and white wines.

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What's Included?

The Box Sampler Trio comes packaged with:

  • Ravine 2019 Patricia’s Block Riesling demonstrates how versatile and fun Riesling can be. It is a wine of refreshing acidity complemented with natural residual sugar formed by halting the fermentation early and slightly lower alcohol content. Honey, lemon, lime and granny smith apple fill your nose and satisfy your taste buds, leaving you quenching for more
  • Ravine 2019 Chardonnay wine is straw pale in colour with notes of lemon orchard fruit and toffee.
  • Ravine 2019 Cabernet Franc Immediately this wine screams out raspberry and chocolate ganache. One will taste red fruit (raspberries, red currant), chocolate, spice (clove, anise, savoury sage) on the palate. There is an enjoyable amount of elegant firm tannins that coat your palate and are accompanied by a soft touch of acidity. It’s a fabulous food wine. Winemaker-Lydia Tomek says she loves how it starts fruity and smooth and finishes with strength and persistence.

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