Raise Your Glass to Merlot Day!

By Stocked Cellars on Oct 12, 2020

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Just as retired folk might quip that every day is a holiday, certain red wine drinkers will proclaim every day to be International Merlot Day. But for the rest of us, Saturday, November 7 2020 is circled in red as the day to raise a glass in discovery and appreciation of some of the finest Ontario reds that you can order with wine home delivery.

Get to Know Merlot

Merlot, which translates to “Little Blackbird” in French, is the second-most popular red grape, falling in place just after Cab Sauv. It was initially produced in France and is still the most-planted variety in the Bordeaux region. In fact, France grows the grapes for more than two-thirds of the world’s Merlot wines. Around the world, Merlot wines are produced and revered in countries throughout Europe as well as Greece, South Africa, South America, California, Washington, and New York. Merlot is a favourite of those who love the convenience of buying wine online Toronto and across Canada, including exceptional wines from British Columbia and Ontario. In 2019 more than 5,300 tonnes of Merlot grapes were produced, making it Ontario’s second largest red wine grape production.

Discover Niagara’s Award-Winning Merlot

Konzelmann Estate Winery is known as Niagara’s exclusive lakefront winery. The micro-climate, with a wonderful balance of sun, soil, airflow and moisture conditions, is ideal for making clean, aromatic, fruity wines. This could be why Konzelmann Estate Winery has a selection of excellent Merlot wines that you can purchase online with wine delivery Toronto and across Canada.

2018 Merlot: 2019 Ontario Wine Award winner. Elegant and velvety with aromas of pomegranate, vanilla, and cherry on the nose. Flavors of licorice and raspberry first greet the palate, then give way to a soft, food-friendly tannin. Available to purchase here with wine home delivery

2017 Merlot Reserve: Elegant and complex, aged six months in French oak barrels. Order today and enjoy this wine online Toronto with notes of baking spices along with black currant and dark chocolate on the nose, while the palate is fruit forward with smooth tannins and balanced acidity.

Methode Cuve Close Rosé: That’s right, this lovely pink sparkling wine is 100% Merlot with tart flavors of black cherry and raspberry nicely balancing the wine’s mild sweetness, and punctuated by generous waves of carbonated bubbles.

These selections from Konzelmann Estate Winery are just a few of the exceptional wines you can enjoy with wine delivery Toronto from Stocked Cellars. We cater to every taste and all preferences, and partner with exceptional wineries to provide wine online in Ontario from trendy small-batch labels to world-renown vintners.

So place your order with wine home delivery and be ready to raise a glass on International Merlot Day. Visit Stocked cellars today for Ontario’s best wines delivered to your door.

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