Pop Pop, Fizz Fizz – What a Fabulous Party This Is!

By Stocked Cellars on Oct 5, 2020

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It’s time to bust out your best ice bucket and polish your finest flute in anticipation of International Champagne Day – a time for everyone to raise a glass in celebration of the world’s finest bubbly.

International Champagne Day 2020 falls on Friday, October 23rd and there is truly no better reason to enjoy a lavish celebration with friends. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have your favourite bubbly bevvies on hand, which is easy to do when you can shop for wine online today and have it delivered in time for your #ChampagneDay festivities.

Traditionally, Champagne Day celebrants take to social media to share their party pics with the hashtag #ChampagneDay. You can search this hashtag to see how your fellow champagne lovers are celebrating the day, and you can share pics of your own party ideas. So shop for sparkling wine online Ontario and start planning now. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Go For the Glam

A Champagne Party deserves all the glitz and fizzy fun you can find. A party supply store or online shop will have all the décor inspiration you need, from pretty bubble-themed table linens to these adorable edible gold stars for your champagne cake. Be sure to have plenty of ice buckets on hand and buy wine online Ontario so you’re stocked with a selection of sparkling wines to share with your guests. London Born Wine Co. 2017 Sparkling Rose is a wonderful choice: crisp, refreshing, and a gorgeous salmon pink colour that is perfect for your prettiest party table.

Menu Matters

The beauty of sparkling wine is that is works well with most any menu plan. Try Konzelmann Estate Winery Methode Cuve Close Rosé with a brunch of soft cheeses and fruits, fried calamari, oysters, and foie gras, or Methode Cuve Close Riesling with grilled fish smoked salmon or sushi. Both are available at Stocked Cellars, so you can order your wine online today and spend more time planning your perfect party menu.

Champagne Wishes for Every Budget

There is a misconception that sparkling wines must be expensive to be exceptional. Nothing could be further from the truth. A sparkling wine can only be called “Champagne” if it is produced in the Champagne district of France, but Canadian winemakers are producing sparkling wines similar to those created in France and other winemaking regions the world over. Canadian sparkling wines are truly excellent and truly affordable.

Begin planning your Champagne Day celebrations today with a visit to Stocked Cellars’ online shop. Here you will find a curated selection that wine online Ontario shoppers prefer for quality, convenience, and price. There is no need to venture out in search of the perfect sparkling wines to celebrate Champagne Day. Visit stocked cellars for Ontario’s best wines, delivered to your door.

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