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By Stocked Cellars on Apr 21, 2022

Are you as worried as we are that we’re facing a potential reduction in good wines with provenance, character, and stories?

With the LCBO increasingly focused on importing wines, we at Stocked Cellars don’t intend to let that happen.

The wines within our brand are not mass-produced. We’re all about the underdogs, the storey behind the wine, the communities, and the terroirs. After all, that is what distinguishes exceptional wine from ordinary wine. The details, the passion, and the people make the difference.

Good wine is a storey… both in the creation and sharing. 

Your experiences. The stories we create together. 

Stocked Cellars, aka Diane, is your go-to person for all things wine. With a glass in hand, we’re sharing more of the SC story here.

Is it time to replenish your spring wine collection?

Pink wine may be serious, enjoyable, and very fun all at the same time. Check out my most enjoyable pink drink; It’s a fruity strawberry blonde with persistence. She begins with robust notes of fresh strawberries, tangerine and watermelon citrus on the palate; field berries prance on your taste buds along with savoury whip cream, melon and a subtle hint of bell pepper. Serve chilled at your next event or invite her to Sunday supper.

Under $40, age-worthy affordable wines to restock your cellar!

Yes, please! This single-vineyard red showcases the unique terroir of the Picone Vineyard, located atop the Niagara Escarpment in the Vinemount Ridge sub-appellation. Rich and full-bodied with plenty of chewy yet well-structured tannins on the palate. There are notes of currants, blackberry compote, anise and cedar mulch with a slight gamey undertone. (age up to 3-5 years)

Another excellent wine for aging in the cellar – the colour of the grape is a rich golden yellow with soft, delicate nuances of white flowers and lanolin, hidden behind the bright green apple citrus notes on this wine. A flinty white mineral foundation holds the lemon candy, green apple, grapefruit, and pineapple flavours. The wine starts round but finishes crisp and leaves you with a refreshing lingering finish. (age up to 3-5 years)

Tell me, what is your favourite must-have wine in your cellar or cabinet right now?

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