Wine Pairings for Your Easter Feast

By Stocked Cellars on Mar 22, 2021

Anyone who has ever been on a wine tour will agree that sampling new wines can have all the excitement of a grown-up Easter egg hunt. Even if it takes a bit of searching you’re sure to discover something truly wonderful.

Spring is the perfect time to try new wines as we celebrate the changing season and the joys of renewed hope. This Easter, we’ve done the searching for you and present some new wine online favourites to accompany your special celebration:


Whether grilled or roasted, lamb is traditionally prepared with understated seasonings to allow the meat’s delicate flavour to shine. The same should hold true for your choice of wine. When serving lamb, red is generally recommended and in particular should be a medium-bodied, fruity selection such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. One of the best Ontario wines for pairing with lamb is Konzelmann’s 2019 Shiraz. With aromas of black fruit, pepper and well-integrated spicy oak and soft tannins supporting plummy fruit with a touch of peppery spice and lingering sweet fruit, this wine enhances the meal without overpowering the main course.


When choosing a wine to serve with ham, be sure to choose a wine that will hold its own against the smoky and salty flavours of the meat. Cab Franc is a great choice as is a fruity rosé, but if you prefer a beautifully chilled white wine on your holiday table, try the 2019 Gewürztraminer from Ravine Vineyard.

The refreshing palate and fruity notes of pineapple, lychee and tangerine are a match made in heaven for ham, and can be purchased online with wine delivery in Toronto and across Canada.


Nothing is more indicative of ‘springtime’ than a feast of fresh veggies. From crisp greens to grilled kabobs to an array of meatless options, there are as many meatless meal options as there are wines to pair it with. This is a great time to try Alvento’s Goddess Wine Collection – a trio of vegan wines (white, rosé and red) and best of all, it is delivered to your home every three months so you’ll always have the best Ontario wines on hand for every special celebration.

Whether your Easter meal features a glorious roast, a feast of fresh veggies or a basket of chocolates, you’ll find the best Ontario wines at Stocked Cellars. Best of all, every one of our wine online selections can be purchased with secure payment options and easy home delivery. We offer wine delivery in Toronto, Vancouver, Charlottetown and every city in between. Stocked Cellars is changing the way Canadian wine drinkers shop, purchase and savour premium VQA wines. Our process eliminates the need to travel to Ontario Wine Country or even venture out to your neighbourhood wine shop. It couldn’t be simpler!

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