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By Stocked Cellars on Feb 7, 2019

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Just like romance, wine can be light and luscious, sweet and sophisticated or vibrant and velvety. This Valentine’s show your appreciation for what makes your sweetheart different by picking a wine that captures their personality. You’ll find great bottles for every preference so that you can make your day of love as picture-perfect as your first date.

Your Sweetie

Carefree and bubbly, this person enjoys the sweeter things in life. Choose a wine that reflects their cheerful spirit. Enjoy these wines alone or pair with fruits, berries or desserts—we suggest hand-dipped strawberries!

Toast-worthy. Konzelmann Cuve Close Rosé – Called the “Wine of Love,” Tart flavours of black cherry and raspberry nicely balance the wine’s mild sweetness and are punctuated by generous waves of carbonated bubbles.

The Go-Getter

Is your valentine always on-the-go and in need of a little pampering? Treat your busy bee to one of these relaxing wines. Sip them slowly and savour the delightfully complex flavours they have to offer. From blends to intriguing varietals, these are great sniff, swirl and sip bottles.

Ravine Chardonnay –The aroma of honeysuckle, fresh ripe pear and warm vanilla custard flavours blend well with the soft oak finish.

King’s Court Pinot Noir – Perfect for sharing! This well-balanced wine has flavours of sour cherries and red currants combined with crisp acidity to give a lasting finish.

Your Beloved Adventurer

Here are off-the-wall wines for a fabulous and fearless love that’s not afraid to take a chance. They’ll surprise you with their exceptional taste. Each sip captures the appeal of adventure.

London Born Somers Town Viognier– This highly aromatic wine greets the nose with floral notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom with hints of spice.

The Red Romantic

Classy. Bold. Timeless. If these words describe your companion, then uncork a bottle of bold red wine. Sophisticated and approachable, a great red wine can be enjoyed at meal time or alone. A little red wine is also good for the heart, making it the ultimate Valentine’s Day beverage.

London Born Docklands Old Vines Marechal Foch – Full-bodied wine with Seductive layers of black cherry, raspberry and vanilla.

King’s Court Black Knight – Doesn’t get darker than this! It’s a blend with hints of sweet red cherries, cinnamon and vanilla.

Wine: it lasts longer than candy hearts or chocolates, and it’s more intellectually satisfying than a bouquet of flowers!

Love is the greatest refreshment in life, show your sweetheart you care with wine form Stocked Cellars.

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