Love is in the Air – Elevate Your Valentine’s Day with Exquisite Wines!

By Stocked Cellars on Feb 7, 2019

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re here to make your celebration as fun and sophisticated as your first date. Just like the nuances of romance, wines come in a variety of styles – light and luscious, sweet and sophisticated, or vibrant and velvety. Discover the perfect bottle that captures your sweetheart’s unique personality and make this day of love picture-perfect. Shop now and toast to a memorable Valentine’s celebration!

Your Sweetie: Carefree and Bubbly

For the carefree and bubbly soul, indulge in wines that match their cheerful spirit. These wines are perfect for sipping alone or paired with fruits, berries, or desserts – think hand-dipped strawberries!

Toast-worthy Sparkling: Known as the “Wine of Love,” this sparkling gem dances with flavours of strawberry, apple, pear, nuts, and vanilla. Fresh aromas of apple, pear, and baked bread perfectly balance the wine’s mild sweetness, all accented by playful waves of carbonated bubbles.

The Go-Getter: Always On-the-Go, Always Pampering

Treat your valentine, always on the go, to a moment of pampering with these relaxing wines. Sip slowly and savour the delightfully complex flavours these bottles offer. From blends to intriguing varietals, they are perfect for the sniff, swirl, and sip aficionados.

Chardonnay: A symphony of honeysuckle, fresh ripe pear, and warm vanilla custard flavours seamlessly blend with a soft oak finish, creating a sensory masterpiece.

Pinot Noir: Perfect for sharing, this well-balanced wine boasts flavours of sour cherries and red currants, complemented by crisp acidity for a lasting finish.

Your Beloved Adventurer: Off-the-Wall Wines for Fearless Love

For the adventurous and fearless lover, these off-the-wall wines will surprise you with their exceptional taste. Each sip captures the allure of adventure and the thrill of the unexpected.

Siegerrebe: An exquisite aromatic white wine reminiscent of Gewürztraminer, captivating your senses with enchanting notes of lychee, honeysuckle, and the essence of summer flowers. Delight in a palate that unfolds with the rich tapestry of honey blossom, tropical fruits, and a hint of zesty lemon peel. Indulge in the symphony of flavours that make each sip a journey through a garden of fragrant delights.

The Red Romantic: Classy. Bold. Timeless

If your companion embodies class, boldness, and timelessness, uncork a bottle of bold red wine. Sophisticated yet approachable, a great red wine is the ultimate Valentine’s Day beverage, perfect for enjoying at mealtime or alone.

Old Vines Marechal Foch: A full-bodied delight with seductive layers of black cherry, raspberry, and vanilla, this wine promises an exquisite experience.

Cabernet Franc: Dark and captivating, this wine contributes brambly berry and wild strawberry notes, along with distinctive bell pepper and herbal qualities, creating a journey from mint and chamomile to cigar tobacco and beyond.

Wine: It lasts longer than candy hearts or chocolates, and it’s more intellectually satisfying than a bouquet of flowers!

Love is the greatest refreshment in life, so show your sweetheart you care with wine from Stocked Cellars.

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Cheers to love and delightful sips!

Diane ❤️

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