The Summer Of Rosé – Cut By Cut

By Stocked Cellars on May 21, 2019

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It’s time to put down the full body red and enjoy a glass of Rosé, or as we like to call it Summer Water!

Rosé is more delicate than red wine but boosts bold in personality and performs as one of Niagara’s most versatile wines. Gaining its colour from black and red grapes, rosé shares many characteristics with red wine. Such as, its versatility that rests in the robust varieties used, in its place of origin and expert blending.

With an array of pink hues, fruity notes, spicy finishes, zesty tannins and degrees of richness, rosé can complement a steak well. Here’s the breakdown, cut-by-cut.

Coming from the short loin of a steer, the New York strip is one of the most iconic cuts of steak.

I would definitely reach for a deeper rosé made from Cabernet Franc, which complements the earthy, savoury, peppery flavours of the steak.

Along with its red berry aroma, Cabernet Franc is also known for its distinct herbal notes. Medium-bodied and light on the palate, it possesses the tannin strength to pair well with a strip steak.

Made entirely from Cabernet Franc, this Princess Rosé is a lovely option to get you started.

Coming from the best parts of the rib section, this bone-in steak deserves a sparkling rosé.

Sparkling wine can stand up to red meat beautifully. Pairing bubbly works because of the acid and minerality in the wine, along with the delicious savoury flavours, which work nicely with red and purple fruit notes and yeast flavour.

Need a nudge in the right direction? Produced with Gamay grapes, try this Sparkling Rose.

Taken from the lower belly, the hanger steak is also a thinner cut, like flank and prepared with garlic and herbs you can go with a citrusy, fruiter or watermelon-y, less-tannic rosé that’s easier going, like this Cabernet Rosé.

So now that the secret’s out, summer water is the way to go.

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