The Homebody’s Guide to Wine Tasting

By Stocked Cellars on Jun 12, 2020

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It can be a lot of fun to explore wine country and take a tour or two, but there is much to be said for hosting your own wine tasting event in the comfort of home. With a few great friends, an assortment of foods for pairing, and of course, the best Ontario wines, you can host an at-home winetasting party that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Stock the Cellar

The secret to an exceptional winetasting is to offer an array of delicious wines. Whites, reds, rose and sparkling wines are all excellent choices. The most convenient way to compare and choose from a varied selection of wines is to shop wine online Toronto where you’ll find detailed winemaker’s notes, pairing suggestions, and more.

Don’t Skip Brekkie

Or lunch, depending on what time your winetasting party is scheduled to start. What’s most important is that you have something in your belly, so start the day with a good breakfast. As the host, you are responsible for making sure your guests have a good time, and for making sure everyone stays safe. Enjoy your tasting event, but don’t become inebriated.

Go Scent-Free

We all know that taste is only half of the experience. To truly appreciate a wine tasting is to discover the subtle bouquet that exists in every glass of wine. In an atmosphere that’s heavy with perfume, smoke or cooking odors, it can be impossible to enjoy or even detect those delicious and intriguing aromas. When you shop Stocked Cellars to order wine online Ontario, you’ll be able to choose an array of wines that differ in terms of ‘nose’.

Brush Up on Etiquette

Do a little homework before company arrives. Have the proper glasses available for each type of wine you’ll be sampling. Lead by example and enjoy your tasting by holding only the stem of the glass (body heat will affect the wine in the glass). If a guest brings a wine to try, embrace it, and welcome the additional variety. Purchase the best Ontario wines, study the notes, and be familiar with the wineries so you can provide your guests with an educated winetasting experience.

Have Fun

Perhaps this rule should have topped the list. Even though a winetasting event should be structured and informative, with proper planning you will be able to relax and enjoy the experience along with your friends. Take the time to research wines and order wine online Ontario well in advance. Then, with the wine delivered right to your home, you are free to prepare food pairings, welcome your guests, and let the fun begin.

At Stocked Cellars, our curated collection of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, as well as specialty wines and blends, takes the stress out of planning your home winetasting party. So sit back, browse our selection, study the winemakers’ notes, and prepare to wow your guests- and yourself- with a truly enjoyable wine tasting event.

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