The Finest Sustainable Gifts For Every Person On Your List

By Stocked Cellars on Nov 27, 2022

Already, the holidays are approaching! What happened? I enjoy looking for gifts. It’s a task I enjoy taking on, especially for those not so easy to purchase for folks!

The season’s joy may be diminished for some people by their Christmas shopping. Some spend hours agonizing over the ideal presents for each person on their list and where to shop.

On top of that, maybe you’re attempting to be more thoughtful about who you buy from, what you buy this year, and even which stores and brands offer the most value for your money.

For my gift list this year, I’m going to support companies driving change via their company – and there are so many fantastic alternatives (which may be a bit overwhelming!).

To help you with your Christmas shopping, I’m here with the Stocked Cellars crew to share some of our favourite sustainable products and gift suggestions.


Award-winning chocolatier and proprietor of Centre & Main, Angela Roest, adores fusing the most fabulous chocolate from all around the globe that has been sourced responsibly with regional flavours. Each bar is a carefully crafted piece of art. We adore the local strawberries from Brambleberry Farms used in the Strawberry & Prosecco Bar. The Bobcaygeon Brewing Company-created Brew Bar includes grains utilized in their brewing process. The barley and oats are boiled in their Dockside Ale before being perfectly toasted. A terrific stocking stuffer for beverage enthusiasts. SHOP


Achar is a must-try if you’ve tried kimchi or are a fan of pickled vegetables. Achar is a South Asian pickled snack made from a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as fragrant spices. Nani’s Achar’s achars are handcrafted using farm-fresh ingredients and traditional processes. But what is the most significant component of all? Nani’s (grandmother’s) affection. A great gift stuffer for flavour-obsessed people. SHOP


Bring the craft of creating cheese right into the kitchen of a loved one. Gourmet cheese may be made from cheese curds to mozzarella and ricotta using Cheesemaker’s DIY kits. What a great way to bring people together through a fun and shared experience. SHOP


Treat the tea lovers in your life to Tea on the 45th, a store in Bracebridge, Ontario, that takes its name from its geographic latitude and offers a carefully chosen selection of 100 varieties and elegant, contemporary teaware. SHOP


Have someone on your list that’s into trying new brews? Set them up with a monthly subscription. Beer from Dominion City Brewing Company represents the people and land that made it possible. They hand-select premium ingredients from local sources to provide exceptional beers and forage their wild yeast. SHOP


Just in time. With six new organic and vegan wine collections by Ravine now available, you’ll have every palate preference covered. We like to think of their wines as “elegant” and “refined” — they make delicious and sustainable wines that are classic expressions of their region. In other words, your special someone is guaranteed a one-of-a-kind glass of wine. SHOP


I love a good pair of socks and many other family members. Fun socks have become a super popular trend in the past couple of years and are an easy gift! Fun socks do not have to mean they aren’t ethical or sustainable. Kind Socks started because the founder wanted to combine fun and ethics. They sell non-toxic, organic socks with fun, colourful patterns while paying workers fair wages and providing a safe workplace. Conscious Step is another sock company that is ethical and sustainable while staying fun. Each sock design is partnered with a charity that helps protect or support a cause, such as these socks that stop violence against women! They are also organic, fair-trade, vegan, and sustainably and ethically made.

I hope you found some ideas for your loved ones (or maybe yourself!) in our gift guide.

If you are creative, use these ideas to create your versions of products or be motivated to be more deliberate while shopping. The more we force ourselves to think about what we buy and challenge the current quo, the more we can make a difference in the world around us.

What ethical gift suggestions have you found to be most popular this year? Comment below and share!

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