Sometimes You Really Can Judge A Wine By Its Label!

By Stocked Cellars on Jul 31, 2018

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These spirited wines below are selections that were picked for their labels…but also damn delicious!

Our wineries are setting trends, not following them. They push the boundaries of style, experimenting, refining, and making Pét-Nat that’s informative and delicious in the same mouthful.

You always need sparklers for any summer weekend, and this pleasing Pét-Nat will surely delight! Our wineries have a limited stash of this sugar-free, un-fined, unfiltered & un-sulphured Pinot Noir & Gamay Noir blend and pitiful to say my readers but I am pretty sure it’s sold out!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on this beauty early in the season, and we are all in agreement; it has our stamp of approval!

The palate is playful but doesn’t let that red Jolly Rancher note fool you: this is a dry and relatively serious wine; with a signature note of cherry. Besides this badass name NEBULOUS (neb-yuh-lus) meaning, HAZY with a beautiful storm of sediment that swirls magically around the bottle after opening and this cute watercolour art label. Don’t miss out on the 2018 Vintage!


Tasting NOMAD at Hinterbrook will make you feel like you’re on island time, but don’t get so relaxed that you forget to ask about their commitment to practicing ecological sustainability.

Here’s something you don’t see too often a blank label! What intrigued me about this label is that there isn’t one. So mysterious! They have gotten their style and expressing it with this fun blank art canvas. I love that you can share your thoughts of the moment; I don’t know what to do with this canvas, but I like what’s inside the bottle Violet, Franc Blanc is full of personality with the slightest light pink hint! It exudes floral and fruity nose with rose aromas and small red fruits notes; it is a dry wine with a vibrant structure and savoury tannins. Rousing finale!

What’s great is if you are still searching for a meaningful gift, you can even get your hands on this beauty and write or draw wishes for your beloved ones. When ready, get messy, then get your wine on!


Adamo Estate Vineyards,  located in one of Ontario’s emerging regions, in Hockley Valley. They brought their A-Game to this Gamay Barrel Select “Artist Series.”

Gamay Noir is one of those wines where a large part of the fruit character in the wine is derived from the aromas (and not as much in the taste), but this dreamy little number has flavour!

This wine offers quality drinking and honest stories of where it can from. It’s a beautiful garnet with a pink hue and looks powerful, full of flavour and life before you even try it.

It is the first of their Artist Series Wines, which are excellent, made above and beyond in quality and also feature Mr. Mario Adamo’s artwork on the label. There is plenty of character hiding behind this label that any aesthete would appreciate, brilliantly composed into nothing short of a masterpiece. I am so glad I got to try this ’14 Gamay since only 40 cases were made!


This wine is from the elusive Five Rows Craft Wine of Lowery Vineyards, and I say that because they are only open weekends from May 1st to December 31.  This Pinot Noir is a delight for the eyes as well as the tongue, what a fun find, and it happens to be one of the most versatile wine grapes in the world!

The luscious red fruit, cherry, not overripe or jammy, but fresh and a sweet mixture of truffle, earth, and mushroom, this wine is silky, smooth and approachable. This wine has a history and a reputation that precedes it.  From the numerous hours spent in the vineyard, to the traditional, small-batch vilification techniques they use – they felt that the hand-written bottle numbers and manual application of each label were only fitting.  Regarding the design aspect, the original “vine cuttings” artwork is an excellent representation of all the hard labour that went into each bottle and let’s not forgets about the neat concept of the Provenance page on their website where the guest can register their bottle number. What an excellent tool for the owner to learn about the wines as they age and stay in touch with all of their supporters.

Get this well you can because only 150 cases were made. This ’15 #1490 was sexy, seductive and drinking fantastically.

Five Rows


These wines are a must for anyone visiting the wine country this summer, enjoy!


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