This post was most recently updated on November 5th, 2021

Return Policy

All goods deliveries are shipped directly from the respective producer to the consumer’s provided address. Stocked Cellars is not associated with the sale, packing, shipping, or delivery of any goods. You are entirely responsible for ensuring that the address of the receiver is accurate. You will be responsible for any extra delivery costs incurred due to refunds or re-shipments where you have mentioned wrong shipping information. Suppose you plan to return any faulty goods (broken bottles, corked product) upon arrival. In that case, you are responsible for promptly contacting the manufacturer who delivered the defective product and adhering to its return policy. Be mindful you may have to return the bottle of the faulty product (recorked and at least 3/4 full) for examination by the producer. Using the StockedCellars.ca Website, you accept and acknowledge that you are subject to each producer’s return policies coming from your product order.