Must-Have Wines for International White Wine Day Celebrations

By Stocked Cellars on Jul 6, 2020

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Mark your calendars now and tell the office to hold your calls – because on Tuesday, August 4th we’ll all be raising our glasses to the smooth & creamy, the light & round, the bright and the buttery. August 4th is International White Wine Day, a time to sniff, swirl and celebrate white wine in all its wondrous forms and flavours. When that date rolls around, make sure you’re ready to celebrate and well-stocked with a selection of Ontario white wine.

Since 2014, wine enthusiasts have gathered on August 4th to learn more about the wonderful characteristics of the different white wine varietals and of course, enjoy a tasting or two. Whether your plans involve an intimate celebration or a wine tasting party with a group of friends, you’ll want to be prepared with fabulous white wines that you can order online with convenient wine delivery Ontario.

To get you started on preparing your White Wine Day soiree, here are some of our favourite Ontario white wine selections with suggested food pairings:

Pinot Grigio

It’s hard to beat a glass of well-chilled Pinot Grigio on a sunny summer patio. Our 2017 Pinot Grigio by King’s Court Estate Winery fills your glass with a beautiful pale pink colour that fades to a white water rime. Nose of honeysuckle, pears, bananas. Smooth on the palate with notes of golden plums, apples, and limes with refreshing acidity. Order white wine online and try this light-bodied white with a plate of spicy curry or your favourite chicken dish.

Pinot Blanc

Commonly used in dessert and sparkling wines, Pinot Blanc is a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir grapes and originates from Burgundy, France. Konzelmann Estate Winery’s award-winning 2018 Pinot Blanc is crisp and refreshing, with banana and pear fruits on the nose punctuated with a soft floral component and hints of meringue citrus, with a palate gripped by ginger root. Perfectly paired with mussels & oysters, lightly seasoned white meats, and lighter cheeses such as mozzarella and goat’s cheese


When you order white wine online, do yourself a favour and venture away from the ordinary to discover something truly extraordinary. London Born Wine Company’s 2018 Lacadie-Blanc is an Ontario white wine hybrid developed in Vineland to adapt to the harsh Niagara Region winter climate. This uniquely pleasant wine appeals to those with an exceptional palate and is wonderful when enjoyed with buttered lobster, scallops, or creamy pasta dishes.


With Stocked Cellars’ wine delivery Ontario, you can buy with confidence and discover some truly exceptional white wines, including our 2016 Somers Town Viognier from London Wine Co. Originating in southern France, this full-bodied white is highly aromatic with floral notes of honeysuckle & orange blossom with hints of spice. On the palate, full-bodied richness and complexity of peach, apricot and nuttiness are well paired with balanced, pleasing acidity. Try it with pork, poultry, seafood and salads

There is so much to celebrate about white wine, and so many white wines to discover. We’ve done all the research for you and present some of our favourite Ontario white wines. Order today and be ready to celebrate on Tuesday, August 4th.

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