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By Stocked Cellars on Oct 4, 2019

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It’s fall, y’all – As temperatures start to fall, heat things up with a festive get-together.

Try inviting your wine-loving friends to celebrate the harvest as Riesling meets the big flavours of the day.

Try shaking up the gathering with some underrated bubbles. Sparkling wine happens to be well-suited to the Thanksgiving table, and I’m not only talking about the pre-dinner toast. Any of these bubbles provide a vital counterbalance to the rich flavours of the meal; give them a try!

Oh, and please hear me out! Your best-loved Rosés are versatile, refreshing and oh-so-pretty. Stock up and turn a drab turkey dinner into a Thanksgiving to remember. When you look around the table, tell those people that you see they are the real reasons you feel warm inside. It’s not the moments in life; it’s who you spend them with. 

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you all, and if you are planning to purchase 12 bottles or more, the shipping is complimentary within Ontario. Go ahead and discover some fine Ontario wines.

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