How Stocked Cellars Started – A Story About a Wine and Cider Lover Who Wanted to Promote Canadian Producers

By Stocked Cellars on Oct 18, 2021

This post was most recently updated on April 13th, 2022

Diane Cochrane, a mother and a wine and cider lover, wanted others to experience the fantastic flavours from Canadian producers. The local flavours were breathtaking, yet they didn’t get the demand that Diane believed they earned. So, she thought of giving back to the community by highlighting local producers to the public and embodied that idea in a company called Stocked Cellars.

Stocked Cellars is a community-based business run by Diane, WSET level three educated in wine and spirits. In addition to her technical knowledge, she has a thorough understanding and outreach to Ontario’s local wine and cider community. Therefore, her company can effectively promote, distribute, and share local producers’ values in Canada.

The company is determined to provide premium VQA products and award-winning cider to those wine and cider lovers so that their perception of locally produced drinks changes for the better. The knowledge Diane and the company have gathered on Ontario’s wine community allows her to provide all types of wine drinkers (lovers and first-timers) a reliable place to get some of the best local wines and ciders at excellent prices. At the same time, I want to educate them about the beverage community, beverage hobbies, and which drinks will suit them best. To sum it up, she offers you access to a fun and relaxing wine-drinking cider experience in which you can form stronger bonds with the people around you.

I strive to be:

Joyfully Inclusive – I believe wine and cider should be accessible and enjoyed by anyone. I want to peel away the pretentiousness and exclusivity. You shouldn’t feel self-conscious or overwhelmed when picking out a bottle; wine and cider should be fun.

Adventurous – What’s life without a bit of adventure? I believe in trying new things, pushing the boundaries a bit, and challenging the status quo where I can. That’s how I find our new favourite bottles.

Remarkable – Wanna know what floats my boat? It’s hearing from a customer that they love what I’ve done. It shows that I’ve done something so well that you take a moment out of your busy life to let me know. That’s what I strive for.

It’s my mission to be your perfect beverage matchmaker. So, head over to look at our collection and experience what the local Ontario producer’s community offers.

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