How Millennials and Gen Z Are Changing the Wine Market

By Stocked Cellars on Mar 8, 2021

This post was most recently updated on February 11th, 2022

There is no question that Gen Z and millennials are commanding the marketplace. It is estimated that Gen Z accounts for a whopping 40% of purchasers in today’s economy, and this report suggests that millennials alone spent $1.4 trillion in 2020. These groups have the numbers and the power to make or break industry trends, and they are heavily influencing the wine industry with demands for more diverse and improved product options including the best vegan wine choices.

To understand how millennial and Gen Z consumers are contributing to the rejuvenation of the wine industry and helping to bolster the production of new wines including vegan wines in Canada, consider some of their common demographic characteristics:

Sustainability: Millennials and Gen Z, as a whole, believe strongly that a cleaner, healthy planet is crucial to not only our wellbeing but our very existence. Just look at 18-year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg and her 12.5 million followers on social media. Today’s young people seek out and support producers that mirror their own beliefs with sustainable business practices, and that includes wine manufacturing. In Ontario, wineries such as Ravine Estate Winery boast organic farming practices and provide wine drinkers the option to buy vegan wine online through Stocked Cellars.

Online Shopping: Canada Post reports that 80% of Canadians are now shopping online, with millennials accounting for 33% of all online purchases in Canada. This group seeks out an easy-to-use platform that offers a wide variety of products that they can buy online with home delivery. At Stocked Cellars, customers can choose from a hand-picked collection of red and white wines to satisfy all tastes, including the best vegan wine, all with convenient home delivery.

Veganism: The Gen Z population is embracing veganism like no other. The Vegan Society cites a 360% rise in self-identified vegans over the past decade, with Generation Z accounting for 40% of all vegans and driving a $5 Billion market for meat and seafood substitute products including vegan wines in Canada.

So, what exactly constitutes a “vegan” wine? As wine ferments naturally, the grapes break down into tiny particles including proteins, tartrates, tannins, and phenolic that can give the wine a cloudy or hazy appearance. But most wine drinkers prefer a bright, clear wine in the glass. To achieve this clarity, winemakers use a process called ‘fining’ to filter out these tiny molecules, and even though there are no lasting additives in the wine, some winemakers will use natural products such as gelatin in the fining process. The best vegan wine uses only vegan-friendly fining products or forgoes this process entirely.

Finding a source to buy vegan wine online is easy with Stocked Cellars. Our curated collection of reds, whites, and rosé wines is perfect for not only those seeking vegan options but everyone who enjoys an excellent Ontario wines. Browse our selection and enjoy easy online shopping with secure payment options and delivery available right across Canada.

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