For All Your Wacky Family Members: A Christmas Wine Gift Guide

By Stocked Cellars on Dec 2, 2021

This post was most recently updated on February 11th, 2022

Choosing a Christmas present for the entire family can be a little tricky because you don’t know what everyone likes, and you also don’t want to hurt anyone by showing up with something they won’t like. So how do you go about this conundrum and find everyone a gift they’d be happy with (hopefully)? We have the perfect solution for you; WINE.

Wine makes for the ideal offering for all your loved ones on Christmas. That said, choosing a wine is not that straightforward; you need to pick the right bottle for every recipient to get through dinner peacefully. Before you start panicking, go through our wine guide for the family and use our recommendations to please everyone.

Crazy Uncle Will

Uncle Will is the life of every party; he’s that person who has the funniest anecdotes to share and loves to stand out among a crowd, which means you need to pick out an exquisite bottle of wine for him, which we believe is Ice-wine.

It’s an intensely flavorful sweet wine that makes a big meal entrance and is served mainly with desserts. So, it’s only fair that you take something this bold for your Uncle Will.

Good Old Dad

Our dads are full of wisdom and profound thoughts, quickly witnessed during the Christmas dinner. Keeping that in mind, we think a bottle of richly flavoured Syrah will be the perfect gift for your dad.

 Dear Old Mom

Moms are to be cherished all year round, especially on Christmas. And the best way to do that is to gift her Bordeaux blend that is as elegant and classy as she is!

Loving Wife

Viognier is known for its powerful scent, citrusy goodness, and slightly sweet notes, which should be the perfect homage to the Mrs. A bottle of Viognier that will instantly bring a smile to your wife’s face.

Cousins You Barely Know

Most people have a complicated dynamic with their cousins- almost a bittersweet affair where you are feisty with one another all the time but also care for each other. No other flavour would represent the relationship with our cousins better than Pinot Noir.

The deliciously acidic flavour of Pinot Noir cushioned with sweet vanilla notes makes it well-suited for your cousin’s Christmas present.

Fun Loving Grandparents

Who doesn’t love their grandparents to death? What better way to symbolize that love with a bottle of pure, fruity, aromatic Riesling?

Sweet Siblings

The fresh, nutty, citrusy taste profile of Sparkling wine mixed with a touch of vanilla and cream makes it a lovely gift for one’s sibling. If you want to tell your brother/sister how much you love them and how sweet their existence is in your life, pack a bottle of sparkling for them without any reservations.

Shameless plug. But if, after all that, you’re still looking for last-minute ideas, Stocked Cellars Christmas Bundles is a great wine lover’s Christmas present. 

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