Fall in with Your Favourite Wine Again – and Again

By Stocked Cellars on Dec 7, 2020

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Imagine being at a tasting event and finding “The One.” You scoop up a few bottles for your collection but realize it tastes subtly (or even wholly) different when you open a bottle at home. You may feel duped but think of that wine as a multi-faceted diamond. In and of itself, the wine is a thing of beauty but made up of many facets that can easily change the bouquet and the taste.

You can buy wine online in Ontario and try experimenting to see how varying conditions can affect the taste of your wine – or perhaps, just your perspective.

Temperature: There is a reason why fine wine cellars utilize carefully monitored climate-control systems. Storing your wine at a temperature that is too hot or too cold, the wine’s flavour and value can easily be compromised. The serving temperature can significantly affect the perception of taste. Customers who shop online and enjoy wine delivery in Toronto can choose from a wide selection and try drinking them at varying temperatures to experience the subtle differences in flavour.

Glassware: From the presence of a stem to type of material to the thickness of the rim, the wine glass you use will change virtually everything about the wine you drink. Those red wine glasses are designed explicitly with lovely wide bowls to direct the wine across your palate in the most enjoyable way. On the other hand, tall flutes are a perfect size and shape for optimal effervescence from your favourite sparkling wine. Stemless glasses conduct the heat from your hand and quickly change the wine’s temperature. Are you not convinced? Order one of these fantastic reds with wine delivery across Ontario and try tasting from a traditional red wine glass, a champagne flute, and (if you dare) a red plastic cup.

Time: You wouldn’t think that a few months can make much difference to a bottle of wine, but it absolutely can. Wine made of fruit, and even though it has been fermented, processed, and sealed in a bottle, it remains an organic matter that can and will change over time. It is a winemaking phenomenon known as “micro-oxygenation” that causes your wine to change continually. Many keep improving, and some wines reach a point of “perfection,” then deteriorating. You may be surprised to realize just how much the taste can change after your favourite wine sits shelved for several months.

If that wine you fell madly in love with at first sip seems to be a little ‘different’ the next time you meet, don’t’ be too quick to call the whole thing off. Many factors can alter the taste of a wine, and you may even find that the variety of flavours can bring a little extra pizazz to the relationship.

With Stocked Cellars, you can browse and shop for wine online with Ontario delivery, then plan a tasting event, and you might discover something new about an old favourite.

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