Embrace These 4 Wine Habits Before You Reach Forty

By Stocked Cellars on Jun 12, 2023

Setting age limits for trying new experiences has become a societal norm. From learning new skills before turning forty to embarking on solo adventures during our teenage years, there’s an undeniable beauty in pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones as we age. Just like other aspects of life, wine appreciation can also benefit from exploring new territories and acquiring new habits. In this article, we present four essential wine habits you should cultivate before reaching the age of forty.

  1. Explore Wineries and Tasting Rooms: One of the most delightful experiences a wine enthusiast can have is visiting wineries and partaking in wine tastings. If you haven’t yet ventured into a vintner’s tasting room, it’s time to add this to your bucket list. Immersing yourself in the ambiance of a vineyard and expanding your taste palate through diverse wine tastings will enhance your appreciation for the grapey goodness before you blow out forty candles on your birthday cake.
  2. Revisit Wines You Once Disliked: As we mature, our preferences evolve, and what we once disliked may now hold newfound appeal. It’s worth revisiting wines that previously failed to captivate your taste buds. Give those bottles another chance to surprise you. You might discover hidden gems that are now delightful to your discerning palate.
  3. Embrace Your Wine Preferences: There’s no need to feel apologetic about your wine preferences. Whether you prefer a specific brand or a particular type of wine, be unapologetic and confident in your choices. Don’t succumb to societal pressure or fear of judgment. Embrace your unique taste and assertively ask for your preferred wine wherever you go. After all, true enjoyment lies in savouring what brings you pleasure.
  4. Experiment with Wine Pairings: Many people hesitate to pair wines with specific flavours, fearing the combination won’t be harmonious. If you find yourself holding back, it’s time to shed those inhibitions and embark on a journey of culinary exploration. Give popular food-wine pairings a chance, and be open to new and flavoursome experiences. Trying different combinations will unlock a whole new world of delightful flavours and enhance your overall enjoyment of food and wine.

As you approach forty, it’s crucial to leave old habits behind and embrace new ideas, especially regarding wine. By adopting these four wine habits, you’ll embark on a journey of exploration and enjoyment. Visit wineries, rediscover wines you once disliked, confidently express your wine preferences, and indulge in exciting wine pairings. Let your wine journey be filled with discovery, pleasure, and the anticipation of new experiences.

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Cheers to a lifetime of flavorful adventures!

Diane ❤️

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