Dinner at Home! Wine Pairing Guide for Home Delivery

By Stocked Cellars on May 23, 2022

Do you know what our number one recommendation is to unwind after a long day?

Ordering in grub for a laidback meal at home might be what a person needs to unwind after a long day. Simply put, at-home dining is excellent! However, one thing you might miss when not eating at a fancy restaurant is the services of a sommelier! Pairing a well-matched wine with the day’s dish makes for a beautiful meal, but that is something not many people can do when at home. And to be fair not, it’s not easy to remember the right food and wine pairings all the time!

Luckily, now you don’t even have to because, in this article, we will share all the best food and wine pairings to complete your at-home dining experience.


Pizza is hands-down the go-to choice when ordering in, but it’s hard to pair with wine despite being a wildly loved food item. Pizzas typically have tangy (thanks to the tomato sauce) and rich flavours, for which a bottle of Baco Noir might be the best wine.

This fruity red goodness complements the diverse flavour palate without overpowering it.  

Indian Food

Indian food works well on days when you want to treat your taste buds to a bit of spiciness. A bottle of Gamay Noir will work like magic to match the heat in your tandoori masala or any other flavoursome dish. The fruity punch with a touch of black pepper and a clean, silky finish of a glass of Gamay Noir will take your Indian meal experience to a whole new level.


A chilly Thai curry will do if you plan to crank up the heat during dinner time. Its electrifying citrusy notes and the slight sugary touch from the grape juice complement Thai food. To wrap up the spiciness in your hot meal, grab a bottle of Off-dry Riesling.


Depending on the protein, a burger makes for a quick, simple meal that works perfectly with Chardonnay or Syrah. If you are in the mood for a decadent batter-fried burger, go with the sweet chardonnay and if you are up for a peppery beef burger, try Syrah.


Vietnamese food offers a diverse palette of flavours, from spicy-sweet to savoury and punchy. So, to work with such a variety of tastes, a wholesome wine like Pino Gris will work.

Pinot Gris is a full-bodied, intensely zesty wine with a subtle note of sweetness paired with a spicy texture- in other words, it’s a perfectly vibrant drink for an equally rich meal.

Do you have these wines in your cellar? If not, let’s get you stocked up with your favourites today, so you don’t have another dinner without the perfect wine pairing!

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