Beautifully Flawed, Deliciously Different Wines

By Stocked Cellars on Jan 31, 2023

In “Harry Potter & the Cursed Child: Parts I & II,” author Jack Thorne famously wrote, “They were great men, with huge flaws, and you know what – those flaws almost made them greater.” What appears as a flaw to one can be nothing short of perfection to another. Valid with people, as with wine.

Canadian shoppers are snapping up some beautifully flawed, deliciously different wines.

Some rules have survived generations and contributed to the demise of many promising new wines. But, as in all walks of life, rules are made to be broken, and what was once listed as ‘flaws’ are now seen as charismatic and unique elements of exciting wine.

1. Brettanomyces –A naturally-occurring yeast that may present on the grapes, barrel, and bottling equipment. Brett is used in some wines of the Southern Rhone, Barbera & Sangiovese in Italy, as well as older vintages of Napa & Bordeaux. Brett can be so persistent some winemakers roll with it and use the ‘earthy’ flavours to their advantage. Like all things, moderation is the key.

2. Heat – While most wines are kept cool during the fermenting process, the Madeira process involves heating the wine in temperature-controlled vats. This “cooking” process can create aromas of dried fruit, spice, roasted nuts, cocoa, fruitcake, smoke or burnt caramel. The Canteiro process allows the sun to heat barrels stored under the rafters of warm winery attics.

3. Oxidation – Allowing air into the barrels increases glutamate and results in earthy, nutty, yeasty, and savoury aromas. Winemakers who are careful in using the oxidation process can expect beautiful results. Still, oxidation can ruin an otherwise great bottle of wine due to poor bottling techniques or unsanitary conditions.

4. Pyrazine – A chemical compound that causes herbaceous aromas and typically ‘green’ flavours such as bell pepper, asparagus or even cut grass. Buy wine online and find these unique flavours in Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc selections.

5. Volatile Acidity – Not as half as scary as it sounds unless the thought of vinegar in your wine terrifies you. Volatile acidity is naturally-occurring, and its most common form is acetic acid, or vinegar, which can create exciting new flavours. Sometimes the result is an earthy taste akin to balsamic vinegar.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Now that leading winemakers are embracing these once-snubbed’ flaws, shoppers who order wine online in Canada can have these complex and unique flavours delivered right to their door. With Stocked Cellars’ curated collection of wines by some of our country’s finest wineries, it has never been easier to purchase wine online in Canada.

We’re proud to be an alternative to traditional wine retail and to become the standard in the modern cellar. A choice based on remarkable customer service, simply delightful user experience, effortless convenience, and above all, ridiculously delicious wines from small-batch wineries to world-renowned wineries.

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