Back to School Wines: 4 Wines for More Peace and Quiet

By Stocked Cellars on Jan 4, 2022

This post was most recently updated on February 11th, 2022

Being a hands-on parent can be exhausting. As much as we love all our kids, we wouldn’t mind a little break from parenting now and then. Lucky for us, we get that much-needed respite when the school year resumes and our mischievous little ones are back to school. Though fleeting, that little time of freedom calls for a celebration, and what better way to do that than opening a bottle of wine and just taking in some peace and quiet around the house?

 If you agree with us, then you should try these back-to-school wines the next time you have some tranquillity around you.


A glass of deep, bold red Syrah is an excellent choice for your first day as a carefree person and not a parent!

Many people consider Syrah the drink to serve at family gatherings when everyone is engrossed in serious conversations. But that’s not a hard and fast rule. You can have this solidly flavoured red wine whenever you want, especially when spending time alone.

Pinot Noir

To have the ultimate laidback evening all by yourself, pour a glass of brightly rich body pinot noir. The light texture and rich citrusy goodness of Pinot Noir wrapped in some floral and sweet berry notes make for a zesty drink ideal for commemorating your ‘me time.’ It will freshen you up like a pitcher of lemonade on a blazing summer day.


Chardonnay is perhaps the perfect beverage for someone with a bit of a sweet tooth on a quiet day. Made with tropical fruits, this deliciously expressive drink is packed with a wholesome range of flavours. It starts with a punch of fruitiness, some delicate spiciness finishing with some lingering lushness.

Sparkling Rosé

Rosé is also one of our back-to-school favourites. Its lusciously tangy fruity flavours folded with a hint of floral notes produce a jolting spark of aromas in the mouth. You can go for the more robust varieties made with bitter fruits like grapefruit and rhubarb if you want something sharper.

Enjoy your well-deserved break from the kids, all other responsibilities that come with being an adult with any of our back-to-school wines and live a little!

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