Are Canned Wines Still A Thing?

By Stocked Cellars on May 4, 2021

This post was most recently updated on February 11th, 2022

Canned beer doesn’t raise as many eyebrows as does canned wine.

Popping open a can of wine wasn’t even a thing until some years ago when cans made quite an entry in the wine packaging world.

This non-glass, away from the standard packaging method, has gained widespread approval over the years among wine drinkers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Both casual and meaningful wine drinkers seem to be becoming more and more accepting of canned wines. From the looks of it, it isn’t going anywhere.

The Trend of Canned Wine Is Here to Stay 

It’s safe to say that canned wines are still a thing, and the fact is that this trend of popping open a can of wine like a beer can is undoubtedly here to stay.

One wonder’s why the idea of drinking wine from a can instead of the usual glass bottle is growing so fast on so many people.

Well, the thing is that canned wine presents many benefits compared to other packaging methods, and it checks all the relevant boxes.


Keeps the Wine Fresh 

First things first, canned wine does an excellent job protecting the wine and keeping all unwanted and harmful contaminants away. After all, wine can go bad very fast due to increased exposure to oxygen and bacteria. So, cans are the perfect material to keep wine lively and fresh.

Faster Chilling 

Canned wine features faster-chilling properties, making it such an ideal choice of beverage for road trips and picnics. There’s nothing more soul-soothing than that perfectly chilled sip of wine anyway, is there?

Easier Transportation 

There’s no denying that cans are much more accessible and convenient to transport than glass bottles, for instance. From transportation to storage to consumption, you can expect a can of wine to reach you in perfect shape and condition. Which is a fundamental reason why the canned wine trend isn’t likely to go anywhere.

Top Canned Wine Picks 

If you are already a fan of canned wine, good for you! If the ideas haven’t grown on you yet, perhaps we can convince you with our top canned wine picks.

First is the London House 2018 White Can – 4 Pack, light to medium-bodied white blend featuring a blend of Vidal Blanc 67.6% and Riesling 32.4%.

Our next pick is the London House Red & White Can – 4 Pack, where the red variety features a blend of Baco Noir (42%), Maréchal Foch (30%), Chambourcin (19%) and De Chaunac (9%). The white variety comprises a blend of Vidal Blanc 67.6% and Riesling 32.4%.

Our last pick is the London House NV Red Can – 4 Pack which has the same properties as the red variety mentioned above.

Canned Wines Are Still A Thing!

So, as it turns out, canned wines are still in and gaining even more popularity with time.

Canned wine makes so much more sense than lugging around wine bottles when going on a picnic date, attending a pool party, and hosting an outdoor movie screening.

They are convenient, have a reduced carbon footprint and not to mention, drinking wine from a can is much more fun, thanks to no corkscrews, decanters or glassware!

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