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By Stocked Cellars on Jan 20, 2020

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February 2020 is only around the corner, and you must have started to feel the love in the air. Valentine’s day is around the corner, and it’s time to show your expression of affection to the ones we care for and love. Time spent with special people gives a sense of warmth and a gentle feeling of fondness. This day marks the romantic love between a couple. A perfect dinner date with red roses can make a date the best on the calendar. When it comes to valentine’s day, we always come up with the ideas of beautiful bloomed red flowers, red heart balloons, chocolate and teddy bears, as they are the popular gifts for Valentine’s day. 

If picking the best date and day to toast a wine to drink with your love, then it is Valentine’s day. Love is in sharing the bottle of wine with the one near and dear to your heart. The luscious and sensual feeling you get when trilled by wine makes the moment a memory as there is a bonding between the two that is sparked by wine. Wines have a unique notion that is for every situation; there is a matching wine, the little tingle on the tongue and a little toasting.

May we suggest this bright garnet hue Cabernet Franc by Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery. It has violet fragrances of thyme leaves and cranberry relish and is the perfect red wine for your Valentine’s day dinner date. The fruit is like a berry picked from the forest. It grabs the senses. Cabernet Franc is the black grape variety grown at Ravine Vineyard’s, and the weather in St. David’s affects its perfect ripeness and features to the fruit. This wine is famous for its peppery flavour and mouth-watering taste. This premium wine has aged in French oak for almost nine months. Cabernet Franc’s deep red wine has a bold, tannic, less sweet and acidic taste. The best Cabernet Franc taste ends with rich berry flavours that are amazing to cherish in every last sip. Imagine matching this beautiful wine to rosemary marinated lamb chops with garlic, beef or poultry that adds the aroma of love to dinner on this special occasion. The nose on this wine makes the night the best one. According to Decanter world wine awards 2019, This Cabernet Franc grabbed silver medal among 17000 entries and selected by 280 judges across the world. This wine received a score of 90-94 out of 100 in the silver category.

Ontario’s best wine

Stocked Cellars is the online shop for Ontario’s best wine with a mission to provide wine lovers with secure online ordering and delivery to your doorsteps. We provide the wine products from King Court Estate Winery, Konzelmann Estate Winery, London Born Wine Co & Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery. For all those vegan lovers, we have introduced an exclusive vegan wine box of three wines with flawless and unique flavours.

Wine is the party part of the beautiful day, giving flavours to the meal and also to the moment. Grabbing a bottle of wine and a bouquet make Valentine’s day a fresh, charming and romantic day. Stocked Cellars always stands for providing love in your life. We incorporate the best wines to our website, so you don’t need to search those shelves. Take care of your loved one, and we will take care of your wines.

To the cup of love, cheers!!!!……

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