A Rosé By Any Other Name

By Stocked Cellars on Jul 13, 2020

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“It’s a smile. It’s a kiss. It’s a sip of wine … its summertime!”

When country superstar Kenney Chesney penned these lyrics to his quintessential sunny day hit song “Summertime”, there’s an excellent chance that his glass was filled with a sweet, sassy Rosé.

Like Chesney’s smile and kiss, a glass of Rosé wine is synonymous with summertime friends and fun. But, like summer itself, there are countless ways to enjoy an exceptional Rosé. Buy wine Toronto online and let us show you some fresh new ways to enjoy your favourite Rosé this season:

  • Ice, Ice Baby

    Can you even call it “summertime” if you haven’t created a frosty concoction using your fave Rosé? Now you can take ‘chilling out’ to a whole new level by combining a gorgeous Rosé like our Cabernet Rose with 2 cups of strawberries, ½ cup sugar and a splash of fresh lemon juice. Puree until smooth in a blender, then process for 45 minutes to 1 hour in an ice cream maker. Pour into wine glasses and garnish each with a fresh strawberry. Or, simply mix your favourite Rosé with 3 cups of lemonade and a 350 mL of sparkling water for a satisfying spin on good ol’ fashioned pink lemonade. Buy wine online Ontario with Stocked Cellars, enjoy convenient shipping right to your door, and be ready to share these refreshing treats whenever summertime guests drop in.

  • So Chill

    You know those awesome sandals that pair with your prettiest sundress every bit as well as they rock your comfiest capris? That’s the magic of a fabulous Rosé that can complement bold, mild, sweet, spicy, fruity and zesty flavours. Think of it as a summertime staple that can literally go with every occasion and any menu item. Our light-bodied 2018 Princess Rosé by King’s Court starts with strong notes of strawberries, raspberries, and flowers, and then leans delicately towards crisp cranberries and red currants for a refreshing finish. Order wine online Ontario and try this easygoing Cab Franc Rosé with a charcuterie board loaded with a selection of sweet, salty, spicy, creamy, crunchy and crispy delicacies.

  • Queen of the Grill

    If you think our Rosés should be reserved for finger foods and Sunday brunch, trying busting out a bottle at your next backyard barbecue. From smoky meats, grilled seafood & veggie skewers to creamy salads, there is a long list of summertime favourites that are made even better when served with a deliciously chilled Rosé. Browse our Stocked Cellars wine selection, buy wine Toronto and take your next BBQ feast to a whole new level with crisp & refreshing Rosé wine.

Like the season itself, a great Rosé can feel as refreshing as catching up with old friends, and as exciting as a sweet summertime romance. Be ready for whatever summer brings your way and buy wine online Ontario today.


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