8 Classic Holiday Sweets to Pair with Cider

By Stocked Cellars on Nov 23, 2021

Pairing deserts with cider can be confusing – but not after you read this article. Picking the proper cider can be tricky to choose. But once you have selected the perfect cider that is not too bitter or overly sweet, it can go with various sweets. Let’s have a look at some Classic Holiday Sweets to Pair with Cider.

1.   Macaroons

These coconut cookies pair wonderfully with our Perry. The proper cider draws out their rich, savoury yet sweet flavour.

2.   Gingerbread

Gingerbread’s strong molasses-filled taste pairs rather well with cider; tantalize your taste buds with this exceptional pairing. Try this crushable Perry!

3.   Fruit Cake

A rich fruitcake full of dates, prunes, nuts, and sugared fruits matches well with something equally rich and boozy like a delicious bottle of Pommeau

4.   Marzipan

This textured almond dessert is a classic centrepiece when it comes to desserts. Pairing with an ice cider brings a weight and intensity of toffee and nuts while remaining light—only something this concentrated can hold up to marzipan.

5.   Italian Christmas Cake

Traditional Italian Christmas cake or Panettone is light and airy with a buttery taste. Often preferred with a sparkling light sweet wine, this delicious cake works well with a great Cyser.

6.   Sugar Cookies

The Windswept Northern Spy 2018 is a great choice! Sugar cookies remind everyone of Christmas with their rich, classic taste. Pair them with rich apple cider to make the evening truly special.

7.   Spiced Fruitcake

Spiced fruitcake is a Christmas special. Pair it with the Windswept Crimson Crisp 2018 Harvest cider, Made from crisp crimson apples; the light notes of lemon and mango in the cider pair well with the classic spiced fruitcake.

8.   Christmas Yule Log Cake

Everyone loves this rich and decadent cake. Enjoy it with smooth and balanced dry cider with this cake for an exotic flavouring. Pair it with the Windswept Organic Lost Orchard Cider 2017.

Do try these classic holiday sweets to pair with cider. Did you like these combinations, and would you try them again? Let us know!

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