Windswept Golden Russet Pét-Nat


Golden Russet reminds me of dipping a Macadamia nut into the original Werther’s caramel before it hardens. Gentle acidity, mild saltiness, rich apple peel scents mixed with subtle wildflowers and the heft characteristic of russet nuttiness.

Single variety dry sparkling cider crafted with unsprayed organic Golden and Roxbury Russet apples from the Beaver Valley.

Wild ferment, pétillant naturel.

Shipping Canada Wide.

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So true it’s almost cliché. There is rarely a better choice for pork, especially when you cook it with apples. BBQ pulled pork, slow-cooked cider-braised pork shoulder, cider glazed pork chops, cassoulet, charcuterie, pork buns, sausage apples and onions.