Hats off To All Our Brave Winemakers for Dealing with So Many Vineyard Challenges

By Stocked Cellars on Jun 29, 2021

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There’s nothing more pleasurable and joyful than coming back home after a long, tiring day and indulging in a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, is there? After all, there’s something so relaxing about wine; it instantly calms the mind and brings a smile to the face. As you sip your wine and allow the delicious earthy notes to soothe your palate, do you ever wonder about how it’s made?
Winemaking Is a Tough Art
You probably already love your wine a lot, but if you were to find out the challenges that winemakers face out in those massive vineyards, you will find yourself respecting your wine even more. These brave winemakers certainly deserve all our appreciation for going through so much to get us the good stuff!

Here are some of the most significant vineyard risks and challenges that winemakers have to face for us to be able to enjoy our wine.
Unpredictable Climate Changes
A significant challenge that winemakers face, while they are out in the vineyards is unpredictable changes in the weather. Winemakers and vignerons are often required to rethink the varieties of wine they plan to grow in specific world regions due to climate and weather changes. Four terrible weather disasters can wreak havoc on the winemaking process, including hail, drought, frost, and heavy rainfall. These weather calamities can be devastating for vineyards and can undo all the efforts of the hardworking winemakers.
Pests and Diseases
For some types of wines, the fungus is excellent news! It’s the key to perfecting those wines, but it is the opposite for others – it’s a nightmare! There are so many different types of fungi, plant infections, rots, and pests that can cause severe damage to vineyards and grapevines. They bring unwanted changes to the fruit, such as terrible flavours, loss of original colour, loss of juices, and so much more. While chemicals like fungicides, primarily aimed at dealing with fungus, pests, and diseases, bring more harm than good.
Human-Sized Vineyard Beasts
Fungus and pests are indeed challenging to deal with, but winemakers have much bigger fish to fry in the form of human-sized vineyard beasts, including dear and bears. They might look super adorable from afar, but they have so much potential to ruin the produce and work their way through kilos of grapes, resulting in so much monetary damage.
Raise Your Hat To All the Brave Winemakers (Or Your Glass, Maybe?)
As we drink our favourite wines every evening or night, these ambitious, passionate, and diligent winemakers are risking so much while facing many vineyard challenges. So, we must respect this beverage with all our heart; more than that, we must raise our hats or glass to these winemakers to show our appreciation and admiration for all the hard work they do!

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