Apple Cider – A Delicious Drink from the Orchards In Ontario

By Stocked Cellars on Jun 4, 2021

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Featuring a beautiful blend of tart and sweet notes, apple cider is almost like eating apples right off the tree! Many people often think that ciders are just another version of a sugary alcoholic apple juice, but that’s not the case. Apple ciders have this crisp complexity that resembles a natural wine and has quite a pleasantly funky flavour profile. And, if you’ve had the opportunity to have Canadian ciders grown in Ontario, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

Apple Ciders In Ontario

Locally crafted Ontario ciders come from Ontario-grown apples that feature an amazingly mild and sweet taste coupled with a crisp texture. There are about 15 different varieties of apples that are grown in Ontario across 16,000 acres. Some of the province’s central and vital apple-producing areas spread across Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Georgian Bay, and Lake Huron. These water bodies make Ontario the ideal place to grow apples, given how they help regulate moderate temperatures. Further coupled with the amazingly cool climate in the region produces intense-flavoured apples featuring a distinctive kind of crisp acidity and stunning vibrancy, which help create the most delicious apple cider with exotic flavour profiles. It is interesting to note that the cider industry has so much potential in this region, and as it continues to take off, there’s still lots of room to grow. Ontario is home to an abundance of apples transformed into delicious ciders by their growers and artisans.

Windswept Orchard Cider

It is a picturesque 100-acre farm conveniently located at the gateway to the Bruce Peninsula
situated in the South Georgian Bay. The soil in Windswept farm is rich in its biodiversity and features fieldstone hedgerows blooming with wild seedling apple trees. As you move towards the centre of the farm, you will come across an ancient homestead orchard brimming with fresh, aromatic apples, plums, and wild pears.

Choose Your Favourite Cider!

Given the plethora of varieties of apples grown in Ontario, Stocked Cellars couldn’t help bring you some of the best and highest quality apple cider that Ontario has to offer

Windswept Organic Lost Orchard Cider 2017 Harvest
This is a traditional heritage dry cider featuring a hazy gold straw colour. It has been created with heirloom and wild foraged apples picked from local orchards in Ontario.
Windswept Northern Spy 2018 Harvest
This is a dry sparkling cider prepared from fresh apples that contain bright acidity, sweet grassy meadows notes and hidden notes of citrus.
Windswept Crimson Crisp 2018 Harvest
With notes of lemon and mango followed by a crisp finish, this dry variety sparkling cider has unique characteristics and a distinctive flavour profile to offer.
Windswept Golden Russet 2018 Harvest 
Made from Golden Russet apples grown in a vast orchard in Clarksburg, ON, this cider variety comes with rich and warm toasty apple notes coupled with mild hints of the tropics.

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