5 Wine Rules That Beg to Be Broken – A Quick Overview

By Stocked Cellars on Sep 8, 2021

This post was most recently updated on February 11th, 2022

Perhaps many people won’t agree, but drinking wine is also about letting loose and having a bit of fun—in addition to complementing flavours. In wine-drinking communities in various countries, specific rules and norms possibly make some wine drinkers feel secure and part of an established system. However, these regulations can even ruin your experiences at times. So, let’s change that right now by providing you with five wine rules that beg to be broken.

Rule 1. Don’t Use Wine You Wouldn’t Drink for Cooking

The reason for cooking with wine is to add a bit of fruitiness, acidity, and depth to your flavours—which you can achieve with a cheap bottle of wine. So, using an expensive wine is an outrageous waste of money.

Rule 2. Only White Wine Typically Served with Fish

Take risks, and you’ll learn that soft red wines, like this pinot noir, pair well with roasted salmon, hake or seared tuna.

Rule 3. Rosé in Summer Only – No Two Ways About It

Let’s completely ignore that statement above and consider the fact that rosé is wide-ranging and varied. So, you can enjoy a specific type at other times of the year too.

Rule 4. Drink White Wine Chilled Only

The temperature of your wine affects the flavour more drastically than you may think. Very chilled wine can flatten the taste and inhibits its aroma. Try keeping it out of your refrigerator for about half an hour before serving it.

Rule 5. Decanters Are Needed for Aged and Full-Bodied Red Wine Only

Decanters allow wines to oxidize, mellowing and rounding out the flavour so that it’s more comfortable to your taste buds. So, use it for more than just aged and full-bodied red wine.

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